09 Apr

Spring has sprung?

Finally after all those cold months (of not blogging) it is time for an update. Yes its been a long time coming!

Under the time of not blogging I have been to the Artic Circle and Cork and Hanna has been to the Canaries. Up to a three weeks ago we had loads of snow left. Being inspired by my trip to Cork (where spring was in full swing) Hanna and I decided to shovel some snow off the decking and have lunch. On the menu was some of the finest Irish sausages…

3 weeks ago…

If you closed your eyes it felt like summer, till it got windy and we settled for tea indoors! But that was then. Now it looks a little different around here. At last we can get around to having a vegatable patch. Choosing the location and style was not easy as both member states of our European Union had different ideas. However an agreement was eventually made.

Here are some pictures before and after (today).


after part 1

It will be in three sections and that “island thing” (which was the last owners attempt to hide a manhole cover for the rain water) will hopefully be a bit nicer.

Hanna made really nice sushi…


But the best today was to be outside in nature. Bring on summer!!!!


23 Dec

Happy Christmas / God Jul


19 Dec

Swedish Lesson For Beginners: Skotta snö

Skotta snö: Move snow - that’s pretty much been the theme for this weekend. Friday evening, saturday morning, this morning and the 2nd shift will happen in about 5 hrs time. About 10cm new snow so far.


Last blogg I showed some pictures of the wild boar sausages. They were tasty and served with mash and Heinz baked beans meant that I was nearly back home!

bangers and mash

We have also our Christmas tree up and decorated. It about 6ft tall. Aidan and Matthew were not impressed when they saw it on Skype - “ours is at least a foot taller” they proclaimed!!! We will see how smart Aidan is when he comes to Sweden in March and must eat his Rice Krispies with orange juice (not milk)!!!


Man must see the positives in all this snow….


27 Nov


The day got off to a cracking start, in the bedroom no less. No, no, not what you think! I have had a few issues with the positioning of the light in the bedroom. Well more the height actually. Today whilst getting out of my pj’s I broke the lightshade. The outcome looked like this:


The hoover and I were a matching pair…


We have gotten about 10-15cm snow during the week. It was high time to make some paths. Of course I was not feeling 8yrs old and pretending I was driving a digger making a road ;-)

snow road

More snow/ice pictures:

house back

garage window

This car was parked in the carpark at work (yes my mobile phone is crap). Who said that cars don’t have feelings!

sad skoda

Back to my saturday. Hanna and I went for lunch in the nearby bakery. On the way we stopped by a butchers where they only sell wild meat. We settled on some wild boar sausages and deer fillet. It will be bangers and mash this evening, with the manditory Heinz beans!!!!


It is -10degC outside as I write this. Could be worse. Hanna’s sister Fanny had -30degC this morning. Coldness is only relative.

14 Nov

Broadband at last!

After weeks of using a usb to get internet, can we happily announce we have got proper internet! Gone are the days of walking around the house with the computer to find a signal.

It has been a long time since we updated and looking at Ulf’s comments we got the message. So here we go (in a poem).

Summer, Autumn, Now… by John

Summer came and went, and we
Grew some vegatables, here’s a pea

yes peas

Up to Norrland we went, Midsummer’s long days did us no harm
Eating fermented herring and living on the farm

herring ylva

Summer never lasts, days are no longer bright
When Autumn rain falls, the birds take flight

bath-man! Canada geese

Not only the birds, took towards space
We aimed not so high and bought our own place

house1 house2

Guests we had, of that I can boast
Not just any, but those four who we love the most!


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